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About Us

National Spring Steel has been in the vehicle spring manufacturing, repairing and general engineering business since 1992. We entered the market to address the needs of motorists whose springs kept breaking and required regular replacement because of poor, pot-holed roads. 

Our client base continues to grow and includes bus operators, haulage truck companies, mines, government departments as well as individual motorists. Major contracts we have serviced  to date include Bakers Inn Logistics, Delta Transport, Tata Blackwood Hodge (Zimbabwe), Petrotrade, Cairns Foods, Lobels, Cailogistics, Biddulphs, Strauss Logistics, William Bain, Brown Engineering, C.M.E.D, Dunstan Transport, National Railways of Zimbabwe, ZESA, Bitcon,  R. Davis & Co, Davis Granite, to name a few.

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